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    Michael's STORY

    Meet Michael Coles, a dedicated professional with a profound journey rooted in resilience and a passion for human movement and recovery.

    Formerly a Marine, Michael's path took a transformative turn when he navigated his own healing journey from a combat injury with the invaluable assistance of a strength training coach.

    This experience not only sparked his recovery but ignited a deep fascination with the inherent healing capabilities of the human body.

    Armed with a background in sports medicine, Michael's commitment to understanding the intricacies of the body and its potential for recovery became a driving force.

    His journey evolved into an obsession with human movement and the quest for optimizing physical performance and overall health.

    Michael brings a unique perspective to his work, merging his military background with a profound understanding of sports medicine.

    His mission is clear: to empower athletes on their path to peak performance and longevity.

    Whether it's helping individuals recover from injuries, enhancing movement patterns, or guiding athletes to new heights, Michael Coles is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the human body.

    michael coles

    Athlete, Educator, Practitioner.